ARMYTRIX - Valvetronic Exhaust System Lamborghini Murcielago SV

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  • Catback System w/ Optional Downpipe
  • 200CPSI Sport Cat or Decatted Downpipe Option
  • 100% Bolt-On Installation
  • Perfect Fitment to OEM
  • Plug & Play OBDII Module
  • Aerospace Titanium
  • TIG Welded



ARMYTRIX use the same grade as the ones used in space programs, expensive golf drivers, and weapon ordnances. Because of its high material cost and high difficulty to weld, other brands offer only the stainless steel replacement, which cost three times less! So why does ARMYTRIX insist on using it.

First of all, titanium boosts a high strength to weight ratio meaning the material is extremely durable while being considerable lighter than stainless steel. This weight loss becomes significant when you are trying to reach the next level of performance.

Second of all, when treated it becomes even more resistant to heat, corrosion, cracking and fatigue. Deploying state-of-the-art machineries, our parts are precisely produced. Our master craftsmen, who earned their stripes through years of service, skillfully weld this notoriously difficult metal to the highest standard.

Thirdly, the sound produced when gases pass through a titanium system is truly one of a kind. At low revolution, it is a nice soothing rumble; at mid-range, the rumble is amplified but crisp; at high rev, scary loud and vibrantly powerful. Rest assured, all annoying drone has been meticulously tuned out; so you are free to enjoy that ARMYTRIX SOUND!


Activate the performance that has remained dormant; awaken the soul that has been desperate for a change of pace, Armytrix titanium exhaust will ignite the revolution. The x-pipe design facilitates a smooth flow of exhaust gases, resulting in the desired sound and tantalizing power. Making it more competitive, we have streamlined the exhaust design, compact and light, without losing an ounce of performance. Heavy emphasis was placed upon the quality of each build, from design to welding, nothing escaped careful inspection.

Technology-wise, keep up with the rapidly evolving world or risk being on the list of the extinct. Arm yourself with our revolutionary road tech for a smarter driving experience. The valvetronic system introduces a new dimension of versatility; never compromise between sound and stealth. The Armytrix exclusive OBDII dongle system reduces the installation time by 50%! With clear displays and user-friendly controls, navigate through our smartphone app to attain an insightful look into the vehicle’s real-time operational status and complete control over the valve settings. Stay Connected, Stay Ahead of the Pack.

Performance-wise, deviate from the routine path; go on an adventure down the road less traveled. Let the Armytrix kickstart the real automotive experience. We have tailored each exhaust for carrying the maximum payload to be delivered to thunderous effect. Our streamlined system is lighter, ridded of the OE deadweight and offers an unrestrictive flow; the improved efficiency plays a vital role in the dramatic improvements in both horsepower and torque. Celebrate the liberation of performance, write your own legacy.

Quality-wise, Armytrix wouldn’t be what we are today, if not for the persistency on offering premier quality exhausts to the users. Started from the initial designing process, attention to detail was essential in laying the foundation for creating exhausts with perfect fitment. Veteran craftsmen bring the blueprints to life with unparalleled skills; each weld administered by steady hands, creating the unbreakable bond, the backbone to greater outputs. Feed your appetite for extra performance through our TI and SS series exhausts, rebel against mediocrity and take back the initiative.


  • Reduction of Installation Time by 50% compared to traditional cable wires
  • Comprehensive Selectable Options (RPM, Speed, etc.)
  • Real time Update of Selected Categories
  • Quick & Accurate Data Logging
  • App Controlled Valve System via OBDII Port