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🎉 Happy New Year!!! 🎉 Get 50% OFF all MODE Merch, including Hats & Tees (No code required) 🧢 👕

4 ways to Lower Your BMW M. Don't fit lowering springs to your BMW M2, M3 or M4 until you read this!

So you're thinking of lowering your BMW M2, M3 or M4 but aren't sure where to start?

We hope this article will help you make the right decision on which springs will suit you, your vehicle, your driveway and your driving type the most.

Tip: NVH = Noise, Vibration & Harshness.


1. Non-Adjustable Springs:

Eibach Pro Kit. Eibach is a World leader when it comes to spring engineering & manufacturing, with Formula 1, WRC, Le Mans and many other titles under their belt it they understand springs better than anyone else.

We think their Pro Kit demonstrates this impeccably, with an instantly clear and noticeable improvement in ride quality, comfort and performance we think this aftermarket lowering spring option rides better and feels better than OEM in every single way.

Notes: Slightly lower than stock for the discerning M car owner, Better Performance & Ride Quality. Level Ride Front to Rear. NVH = Less than stock (From our internal testing).

H&R Sport World famous for street car lowering springs H&R offers a high quality product with a ride height that most people will love the look of. Slightly lower than Eibach's selection of lowering springs H&R hits the mark for those that want a non-adjustable option that sits that little bit lower.

Notes: Lower than Eibach, Stiffer than OEM and Eibach, Level Ride Front to Rear. NVH = slightly higher than stock due to firmer nature of spring.

H&R Super Sport

Notes: Firmer spring designed by H&R for those doing the odd track day. Front sits lower and creates a 'raked' look to improve turning but maybe not to our aesthetic taste. NVH = Higher than H&R Sport.

2. Adjustable Springs:


H&R VTF/VSS (Adjustable Springs) offers decent performance for those that don't want to go with a full coilover replacement, H&R is known to achieve quite a low ride height and will provide the lowest possible ride on factory dampers.

Due to design the H&R VTF/VSS will have a little higher NVH than a non-adjustable spring, if you're looking for a factory like ride we do suggest the Eibach or H&R Sport Springs.

Note: Important to adjust as per H&R recommendation with a lowered height to factory, if adjusted back to stock height can be quite stiff and bumpy. (As not intended for this use) Sport+ will be firmer than factory so you may want to change your favourite M Dynamic Drive settings to Sport or Comfort.

KW HAS kit, springs are actually manufactured by Eibach to KW strict specifications and tolerances which means you'll be getting a fantastic ride quality and performance.

We think KW HAS achieves a perfectly low ride height suitable for the street, ride quality is improved both on the straight and in corners due to the KW Spring design. NVH level may be just slightly higher than stock but not noticeable. You may want to switch your dynamic damper settings down a notch From Sport+ to Sport as the new springs will do the heavy work through the corners for you!

Adjustable kits may be considered to add unnecessary parts which increase harshness and noise. If you do not need to adjust or fine tune the ride height of your M2, M3, M4 it may be best to go with a Non-Adjustable option.


3. Coilovers:

For the Street we say go with KW DDC Plug 'n' Play or V3’s with DDC Deletes if you're also hitting the odd track day. Our team agrees not go with DDC for track use as they will not excel in this area.

If you're hitting the track more than twice a year consider Ohlins or KW V4’s / Clubsports.

Remember camber tops and billet mounts are going to significantly increase NVH over rubber but rubber isn’t suitable for heavy track use as it will deteriorate prematurely.

4. Deep Coilovers:

If you want your M car very low none of the above options are really suitable.

Gepfeffert by KW Suspension build "Deep" or "Ultra Low" coilovers to suit customers that want to go that extra inch or two lower.

Specifically engineered to operate at a lower ride height this type of suspension is going to have equal ride quality and equivalent comfort to KW's regular V1, V2, V3, V4 & Clubsport coil-overs without any compromise. 

However, this type of suspension is not suitable for those that want to adjust back to standard ride height as they are simple to deep to do so.

Final note: Each spring kit is made for a different consumer; We think you should buy what suits the driving you’re actually going to be doing, not what looks best in a photo on the gram... Unless of of course your build is for the gram, then go with that!


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