ADV.1 Deep Concave

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The ADV.1 Deep Concave configuration. Similar to their flagship line, the Track Spec Series, the Deep Concave option consists of a 3 piece construction using their deep concave profile forgings with a modified die designed to allow what we call a "contoured spoke leg extension." This feature allows us to engineer each spoke of the wheel specifically around the exact contour of the step lip outer rim profile.

  • The industry's original deep concave forging, developed by ADV.1 in 2009.
  • Provides a deep concave profile up to 5" for some applications.
  • Deep lip application using ADV.1's "leg extension" option
  • 3 piece forged.


The ADV.1 SL Option is our answer to the popular question, "so, how much do they weigh?" Many of our wheels are already competitively lightweight as it is, however for our clients who demand performance we've developed the lineup. The only truly vehicle specific, tested, lightweight wheel for excessively powerful, 200+ mph, 2000+ horsepower exotics.

  • Application specific FEA analysis & testing for absolute lowest weight possible per applications specific load rating requirements.
  • Titanium 2 and 3 piece hardware.
  • Titanium SL identification plate
  • Lightest possible forged 1, 2 or 3 piece wheel.


The CS Series performance upgrade is offered in 3 different forging configurations. Each version has it’s aesthetic and performance characteristics as well as price level, customization options, etc. See details listed below. The ADV5.0 Style is used as an example of each configuration as to show the variations between each configuration within 1 style of wheel. All CS Series wheel styles shown above are applicable to these configurations

  • 3 piece forged / step lip construction
  • Available in diameters 17.0-22.0 inch
  • Widths range from 4.5-15.0+
  • All applications applicable
  • Exposed or hidden hardware option