ARMYTRIX - ARMYTRON Tuning Box Mercedes Benz X117 CLA250 shooting brake

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TAILOR-MADE FOR Mercedes Benz X117 CLA250 shooting brake

ARMYTRON, Officially The Best

Demand more from your vehicle; satisfy your need for speed with our advanced tuning box technology. As important as technical proficiency is, programming the perfectly balanced tune that optimizes all aspects of performance, is an art form as well. Encased in an aluminum alloy box that protects the 32-bit dual core processor without fail, the powerful computer operates in unison with the vehicle, as if it too was factory direct. Performance uninterrupted, experience energizer, it just keeps going.

Methodical Process, Proven Performance

Armytron Power Boxes have all been systematically and repeatedly tested to make sure the best performance features are captured. We put each vehicle to the test on the Dyno Dynamics; recording the results to ensure what you are getting, is the best possible tune.

Will Not Void Vehicle Warranty

Armytron Power Box has a non-invasive installation process. It can be installed without re-routing the stock wirings or disrupt the vehicle’s ECU and will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Stay Protected From The Elements

The Armytron Power Box is protected by its aluminum alloy casing to ensure it longevity and functionality. The casing is resistant against high electromagnetic interference and can withstand ambient temperature from -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F).

Custom designed to optimize vehicle performance

Armytron Power Box’s core tuning program comes directly from German software developer. All tunes are designed to optimize vehicle performance according to local gasoline standards, climate, etc. When tuning, utilize a dyno machine to ensure adjustments can be done to optimize horsepower and torque outputs, while safeguarding engine performance. Our focus is mainly on turbocharged models and depending on make and model, Armytrix Power Box can improve horsepower by 15% to 37%, while torque can be expected to rise by 20%-40%.

Perfectly Balanced & Self-learning capability

Armytron is equipped with a dual core 32-bit processing chip, with a 12MHz clock rate and frequency technology. Functioning at maximum capacity, it can achieve 144MHz whereas, in idle, it can be suppressed to 1MHz or less; achieving the perfect balance between power consumption, processing speed and functionality. In addition, Armytron Power Box’s built-in system is designed to automatically restore power to ensure all safety features remain operational in the event of vehicle accident. The Power Box is also equipped with self-learning capability, able to detect driving habits, throttle response and automatically adapts to different gasoline quality and atmospheric conditions, etc. to ensure functionality in a variety of conditions.

Stable Power Source For Lasting Result

Despite the higher cost, we insisted on having the Armytron’s processing chip’s power supply unit to be connected with the battery source to provide you with the most reliable signal. The result: improved force induction and high-speed calculation of ignition timing formula to ensure perfect compatibility between Armytron and vehicle.