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MOTOREX 2015 - The Year of the Widebody!

MOTOREX 2015 - The Year of the Widebody!

4:23am - July 22, 2015: MODE-M3 loaded onto the car trailer in preparation for it's long journey down south, along the famous Australian eastern coastline to Sydney for Motorex 2015.

For this event we went for an understated look, with the Widebody M3 being the showcase. The Liberty Walk widebody, slammed ride height thanks to AirREX Suspension, Armytrix livery and gorgeous 1 of a kind, brushed translucent shocker yellow Forge wheels really got the crowds attention on the first day.

That night, the M3 was shifted to display the opposite side of the car along with the AirREX Suspension livery and translucent candy red wheels, tricking show goers into thinking it was a second car!

Our friends from Queen St. Customs brought out their own Liberty Walk creation which was completed literally the night before in true Queen St. fashion, leaving the entire build a surprise for all. This car was actually the old green LB GT-R in which they did a fantastic job of recreating a totally new look.

We gave out over 500 Armytrix & AirREX stickers over the weekend, along with some other cool free merchandise to keep the kids happy. Plenty of questions about the MODE-M3 were asked, like... "How do you drive it that low", "Where do you race it", "How much do those wheels cost" and many others. Everyone wanted to hear the Armytrix exhaust roar but unfortunately we were not able to start the car during the exhibition.

The reactions from spectators that did the full walk around when they discovered the other side and colour wheels was priceless, many discussions were had on which colour/side they prefer and why.

Despite being so busy answering everyone's questions my brother and I had a few chances to take a walk around the main hall and appreciate some incredible builds like this absolutely mental Holden Torana KIL308.

And this Twin Turbo LSX V8 Powered Nissan S15 Silvia on custom 20" & 24" Forge Wheels.

Even outside there were some very impressive cars, like this Porsche 911 from Autohaus.

We are definitely Porsche 911 fans over here at the MODE H.Q.

One of our MODE Dealers, GU Auto Concepts brought out their super clean R35 GT-R all the way from South Australia! Sporting a full AirREX Suspension kit and Liberty Walk Widebody.

Even out in the carpark was a MODE customers Toyota 86 running the full AirREX Suspension system.

The MODE-M3 was transported over 2,000km in less than 7 days, up and down the East Coast to show the nation what MODE is all about. The reactions on and off the trailer, throughout Sydney and at every service station, car park, Krispy Kremes and everywhere in between were both incredible and unforgettable.

Special thanks to Queen St. Customs for their hospitality over the weekend.

Words: Ty Isaak

Images: SB Captures & House of Stance

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