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⚡️⚡️ MODE Ultimate OBD & MHD Universal V2 OBD Adapter IN STOCK!!! ⚡️⚡️
⚡️⚡️ MODE Ultimate OBD & MHD Universal V2 OBD Adapter IN STOCK!!! ⚡️⚡️
Slammed BMW F80 M3 Competition - Gepfeffert by KW Suspension

Slammed BMW F80 M3 Competition - Gepfeffert by KW Suspension

MODE is 'Fashion', Fashion is an expression of style. And this M3 says exactly that.

Our good client and loyal customer loves his cars low, loud and fast... And we think that's the perfect mix!

The first thing you notice and probably think is "That would ride like absolute S%$T!" But sadly, you are dead wrong... BMW F80 M3 Competition has been treated to a set of Gepfeffert by KW Suspensions V3 Coilovers. Gepfeffert make ultra-deep suspension that go lower than the 35mm (ish) that KW typically make, Gepfeffert also use the race springs found in higher spec KW Clubsports. So yes boys and girls (Haters), they ride EXACTLY the same as normal KW's. So sit down, shut up and enjoy the view.

We also opted for EDC Deletes instead of a KW DDC Plug'n'Play style setting, This enable a truly tuneable suspension system, for those looking to get a little more in depth with their suspension settings rather than the simple button modes that come factory in the BMW. This suspension is as capable of track days and performance work as any other KW V3 system, it just goes lower.

We then did the owners signature #allblackeverything treatment to the M3, this includes literally everything going gloss black, giving it a more stealth look. Fitted a set of custom 20" BC Forged HCA163 Wheels measuring 20x10 up front and a massive 20x11.5 rear and wrapped them in Michelin Pilot Sport Super Sports.

Next was performance, if you look closely you will see the air filters inside the front grill, with MODE Air+ Performance Intake System, MODE Chargepipe Kit, MODE x BM3 bootmod3 tuning and MODE Design Downpipes to give it all the power it needs on the street!

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Images: @j_leephotography (Instagram)

BMW F80 M3 Competition DCT


MODE Shift+ Billet Paddle Shifters Black


BMW M3 Comp Black Pack
Blacked out Badges
Blacked out Grilles, Reflectors, etc.


MODE Air+ Performance Intake painted in OE BMW Sapphire Black Metallic Paint
MODE Design Performance Decatted Catless Downpipes
MODE x BM3 bootmod3 Stage 2 98 Map with Burbles and GTS Startup
MODE x BM3 bootmod3 GTS Startup, Burbles and DCT Tune


Gepfeffert by KW Suspensions Ultra Deep Coilovers with EDC Delete.

Wheels & Tyres:

Custom BC Forged HCA163 20x10 and 20x11.5

Michelin Pilot Sport Super Sport 265/30/20 & 285/30/20

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