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⚡️⚡️ MODE Ultimate OBD & MHD Universal V2 OBD Adapter IN STOCK!!! ⚡️⚡️
MODE Built - Bagged & Boosted 335i

MODE Built - Bagged & Boosted 335i

MODE is about daring to be different, building a car that defines you and your individual style. Angus from Brisbane's E92 BMW 335i is just that!

Before any Mode build begins we like to really work out what the client wants out of their car, what their personal taste and style is and how we can tie in what is usually multiple desires or purposes for the one vehicle.

Angus, owner of this what once was standard 335i wanted something that looked like it was built in California; Bagged, stanced, boosted with lots of carbon, and he told us it must have 3-piece custom wheels with polished outer lips. The result is a masterpiece, designed by our client's ideas and then remastered and executed by us, a true Mode collaboration.

The custom, one of a kind Forge wheels measure 19x9.5 in the front and a whopping 19x11 in the rear! Inspired by motorsport wheels from Europe, with a bit of a Californian flare, finished in brushed Rose' Gold with polished outers.

The E92 was given a 1M inspired facelift with hand laid carbon fibre inlays, a custom 1M carbon fibre front lip, blacked out headlights, a hand crafted 1M inspired rear bumper complete with functional vents, carbon side splitters, carbon rear splitters and a carbon CSL style trunk, plus many other small touches to complete the look.

The ridiculously low ride height is taken care of by a complete AirREX Air Suspension system, comprising of a digital wireless controller, high performance coilover type air suspension struts and a hidden air management system in the trunk. Handling is exceptional and will surprise anyone that judges it by it's 'hard park' stance.

To conclude, this 335 will beat a modified E92 M3 in a race and is one of a kind. Just as Angus had planned.


  • 400WHP+
  • 98PULP


  • AirREX Digital Air Suspension System
  • FORGE MS5-SL FS-Spec 19x9.5 & 19x11
  • 1M Inspired Front Bar
  • 1M Inspired Rear Bar
  • 1M Carbon Front Lip
  • M3 Side Skirts
  • Carbon Side Splitters
  • Carbon Rear Bar Splitters
  • Carbon CSL Style Trunk
  • Custom Black-Out Headlights
  • Custom Fenders (To fit 19x11 Wheels)

Words: Ty Isaak

Images: HANI. 

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