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⚡️⚡️ MODE Ultimate OBD & MHD Universal V2 OBD Adapter IN STOCK!!! ⚡️⚡️
⚡️⚡️ MODE Ultimate OBD & MHD Universal V2 OBD Adapter IN STOCK!!! ⚡️⚡️

Mercedes AMG Performance Upgrades

MODE Auto Concepts offers complete tuning, performance and styling upgrades for all Mercedes AMG vehicles. This includes the AMG GT, GTS, GTR, A35, A45, C43, C63, C63s, E63, E63s, GLC43, GLC63, GLE43, GLE63 models. MODE also caters for non AMG models too including the A180, A200, A250, C200, C250, C300 too.

Mercedes popular turbocharged 4-Cylinder turbocharged engine is now found in many Mercedes models and can be easily upgraded with some simple performance parts such as an intake, charge pipes, boost pipes, downpipes, exhaust system, air filters and an ECU tune or tuning box to seriously increase the performance. Gains can easily be seen from 50-100hp+ and 50-100Nm+.

Mercedes AMG's larger 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine found in the

AMG GT, GTS, GTR, A35, A45, C43, C63, C63s, E63, E63s, GLC43, GLC63, GLE43, GLE63 models, can see even higher gains of 100-200hp+ and 100-200Nm+ Torque!

Turbo charged motors become more efficient with less restrictions behind the turbo, so a free-flowing exhaust is always a great upgrade. Fitting a set of Decatted or Sport Cat Downpipes will remove most of this restriction and allow you to move up to Stage 2 or Stage 3 Tuning Options.

MODE offers exhaust systems that can retain the factory electronic exhaust valve in the exhaust system, so all your Mercedes AMG dynamic drive settings will work just like factory. However, if that's not for you, we also have full replacement systems that include new remote controls and smartphone apps!

Stage 2 tuned vehicles also require instalment of performance air filters, this can be done with simple and cost effective drop in air filters or a more sophisticated carbon fibre or open intake system. Different intakes will achieve different sounds and performance gains and will also vary in pricing to suit different budgets.

When it comes to tuning turbo charged vehicles, tuning the ECU will yield the most significant gains. This can be achieved through either a tuning box which can be installed by the user or an ECU Reflash which is either installed by the user with a reflash kit or by a workshop. These tunes will adjust the Mercedes AMG's boost pressures, fuel and timing to produce more power. Many customers like the idea of the tuning box as it can be removed at anytime and will not alter your vehicles actual ECU. However, a full ECU flash will generally produce greater horsepower and torque figures due to it's ability to increase and alter torque limiters, 02 Sensor thresholds and much more.

Our most popular performance packages include MODE PlusTrack Wheel Spacers to also increase the stance of your Mercedes AMG.

Along with power upgrades, the Mercedes AMG's suspension can be adjusted with lowering springs, height adjustable springs or coilovers, this not only improves the look of your Mercedes AMG but will vastly improve the vehicles handling, dynamics and performance both on the street and on the race track. Our suspension options also include those which will retain the use of your factory electronic dynamic dampening shock absorbers, so you can have your Mercedes AMG lowered while everything still works like factory!

Improving the stance of your Mercedes AMG is also very important, especially once it has been lowered. A wider track width improves performance, handling and dynamics. This can be achieved by fitting wheel spacers with extended lug bolts or a new set of wider wheels, we have a huge range of cast, flow formed, semi forged, 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece fully forged wheels. We can also source many other exotic brands from all over the World that are not listed, simply email us for a quote!

MODE specialises in vehicle styling, both inside and out, with MODE Shift+ Paddle Shifters, carbon fiber trims, lips, wings, splitters, diffusers, trunk lips, canards, side splitters, mirrors and much more, we can certainly help you individualise your Mercedes AMG car, wether it is for your A45 or C63 we have something to choose from.

MODE can help you improve your vehicle each step of the way, wether it's performance, handling or styling. We carry Australia's largest selection of tuning and aesthetic parts to help you achieve your ultimate dream 
Mercedes AMG!

If you would like to speak with us regarding your vehicle please contact us.