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Contact carrier directly for shipping updates 📲 🚚- > Click HERE for Today's Discounts! 😉

KW Suspension HAS Height Adjustable Spring kit for Audi RS6/RS7 (C8/4K) with DRC

Part No. 253100CZ

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For improved looks and more driving dynamics -in OEM quality.
KW height adjustablesprings kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. Youdon’t have to be satisfied with a fixed lowering as you can adjustthe height with the KW height adjuster even after the kit has beeninstalled.

Your vehicle does not only get a more dynamic look with the KWheight adjustable spring kit, but also the steering behaviour andresponse of the standard dampers becomes more agile. All driverassistance systems and comfort features of an adaptive seriessuspension remain with our vehicle specific developed spring setup.

No more 30-30 or 40-40!
With conventional lowering springs you have to decide on thelowering from the beginning, but not with the KW height adjustablespring kits. Depending on the vehicle specific application you canchange the lowering within the adjustment range with the threadedspring perch when the springs are already installed. For example,the KW height adjustable spring kit for an Audi S5 allows you tolower the car in the range of 5-35 mm. You will not have anydifficulties to adjust the lowering when changing your wheel/tirecombination.

OEM Quality
The from KWused high-quality springs made of chrome-silicon steel are at theKW coilover spring kits in their spring rates vehicle specificadjusted to the respective standard suspension dampers and wheelloads. At the development of the respective spring kits we considerthat the spring rates will perfectly harmonize with the differentdamper characteristics of your adaptive series suspension.

With their high quality (surface) finish as well as the KW heightadjuster, our KW height adjustable spring kits delivery contentalways includes the vehicle-specific bump stops with dustprotection system to protect your standard suspension against tear& wear caused by spray and salt.

- individual height adjustment of the standard suspension kit
- adaptive damper control remains active
- vehicle specific spring rates
- better steering behaviour
- improved looksk

Setup - Application andadjustment
The KW height adjustable springkits are suitable for drivers who want to lower their car and havethe advantage of an individual adjustment range.

Manufacturer Model Type Details Body Year Lowering FA Lowering RA Weight FA Weight RA
Audi RS7 Sportback 4K 4.0 TFSi quattro - Petrol - 441kw - 3996ccm Hatchback 09/2019- 10-30 5-30 -1390 -1400
Audi RS6 Kombi 4K 4.0 TFSi quattro - Petrol - 441kw - 3996ccm Estate 09/2019- 5-30 5-30 -1390 -1425