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15% OFF STOREWIDE Nov 27-30 Used Code 'BLACKOUT'
15% OFF STOREWIDE Nov 27-30 Used Code 'BLACKOUT'

TREDWEAR 1" (25mm ) Coloured Wall Kit

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Tracer Stripes


  • 4x 1" (25mm) Wall Kit
  • 1x Patented Application Bonding Adhesive


Now you can have that white wall or redline look on any tire. Use our tire stripe kits to permanently bond actual raised rubber stripes to any sidewall with factory appearance. Installs easily without tools. One piece stripe kits are trim to fit up to 20 inch wheels.


  • TREDWEAR will withstand the force of a high pressure washer!
  • Will last for the lifetime of your tires.
  • Tested up to 320km/h!
  • 1/16" Thick Real Rubber

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.453592 kg
DIMENSIONS 11 × 9 × 1 in

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