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Marvel at this Hyundai "N Game"

Marvel at this Hyundai "N Game"

The closing scene of Marvel Avengers 'End Game' had 13 of everyones favourite Avengers battling it out in an absolutely epic war scene, that's thanks to 13 of the World's leading visual effects companies producing one of the most speculator VFX scenes we've probably ever seen on film.

But, this post isn't about 'End Game'.... It's about 'N Game'... Just one Brisbane guy named Daniel and his Hyundai I30N. None of your favourite Marvel Characters, No Visual Effects.

After selling his Ford Focus XR5 and leaving the UK about 6 years ago Dan set out to fulfil his empty hot hatch loving heart with something new and exciting. Upon release Dan realised the I30N perfectly fit the description and was swiftly acquired.

Above: Daniel's Focus XR5 / ST in the UK

Daniel told us the N was never intended to be modified as much as his previous cars, he said "as soon as I had it in the garage at home I decided to gloss black all the cheap looking texture parts and its just escalated from there."
"I knew I wanted the N to be unique and a one of a kind, so a set of Rohana Rc7's was a must, with a custom offset even though I was constantly told they wouldn't fit and I couldn't go any lower than the 35mm on springs. Im always keen to push boundaries and be the first to do things."

The exhaust was also custom made to suit with 4" quad tips, but they didn't fit into the rear bumper cutouts so Dan sunk 15 hours into cutting up the rear valance, plastic welding it all back together and painting it to look factory!

Once the FLOW Designs kit arrived further modification was required to make the parts work with the larger tips and custom rear bumper.

Next was the suspension, Dan contacted us and said he was keen to slam his I30N, he mentioned he had seen the Gepfeffert by KW Suspension we offer and wanted to order a set. Together we worked out all the details to ensure his suspension was built just right for him and allow the perfect drop.

Andy at Gepfeffert quickly got to work to assemble the perfect suspension for Dan's Hyundai I30 N and they were shipped off to Australia, a few emails from excited Dan later and the kit arrived, ready to fit.

Let's just say that in Germany the roads are a little different to here in Australia and the Bavarian guys like to go even lower with inset wheels. It's kinda like "Sex Spec" but done nicely with really expensive BBS or OZ Racing Wheels.

Here at MODE we build the Gepfeffert Suspension to suit Ozzy roads, driveways and drivers. (Unless you really want the German Ultra-Deep-Spec, we can do that too!)

mode-auto-concepts-gepfeffert-by-kw-suspensions-hyundai-i30n-n-game-danAbove: Hyundai I30N in Germany built by Gepfeffert


Dan opted for a fully adjustable V2 kit with camber tops included to achieve both the ride height and camber required to fit massive Rohana 19x9.5 +38 wheels under the fenders.

A day or so later, 65mm of drop (Yep, almost twice the amount of drop as a spring set) and a few other finishing touches Dan would like to introduce to the Universe... 'N GAME'.



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