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⚡️⚡️ MODE Ultimate OBD & MHD Universal V2 OBD Adapter IN STOCK!!! ⚡️⚡️
3 Reasons why you need a new Chargepipe for your BMW Today! (Stock or Modified) - The "Achilles' Heel" of the Modern BMW

3 Reasons why you need a new Chargepipe for your BMW Today! (Stock or Modified) - The "Achilles' Heel" of the Modern BMW

So you've heard online, on the forum, on facebook, in the group, on the news, on the back of the last roll of toiler paper, at the end of a movie, at the bottom of your cereal box, in your coffee mug, on the radio, in the sky and everywhere else that you need a Charge Pipe for your BMW 1-Series, 2-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series, 5-Series, 6-Series, M2, M3, M4 or M5 & M6 but you still aren't sure if you really do?

An Achillesheel or Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall. We're back again to take a look at this trivial or maybe not so trivial topic... The BMW Plastic Chargepipe!

1. Your Car is Over 3 Years Old or Out of Factory Warranty.

The first one really is a no-brainer... If your vehicle is under factory warranty, BMW is going to replace factory parts that fail, but if it's not under warranty you bet they are going to charge you much more for a genuine plastic charge pipe that will fail again and again than what an aftermarket alloy chargepipe costs.

A good quality Chargepipe Kit should be made of Aluminium and include a New Circlip, all hardware and parts required for installation.


2. Your Car is Modified or You Drive it like it's Modified!

Horsepower creates heat and modified turbocharged BMW's create additional boost, combine the two and you will more than likely hear a very loud "Pop" on full throttle. Yep, that's your charge pipe, now your car is in limp mode and you've lost that valuable circlip BMW and most aftermarket companies are probably going to charge you extra for!

If the car isn't driving after the charge pipe blows or breaks and you don't have roadside assist you risk damage to your turbo and will have to cop a hefty tow truck fee to get the vehicle back to a workshop, if it happens after hours then it could cost even more!


Aluminum Chargepipes can be custom painted in various colours

2. You Live in Australia or anywhere else that gets Hot AF!

In countries like Australia it gets hot, especially in summer! Beneath the bonnet it gets really hot, components go from cold to hot and back to cold very quickly. If they are made of plastic like BMW Chargepipes that quickly leads to brittlenes, on vehicles such as the E82 135i and E92 335i with N54 and N55 engine we actually see more standard cars come in with broken Charge Pipes than we do modified!  

The below image is a chargepipe removed from a factory N54 vehicle, without any mods.


MODE Design Chargepipes

MODE Design Performance Charge Pipes & Boost Pipes are designed in Australia using the highest quality materials and state of art CNC manufacturing processes.

MODE Design Charge Pipes & Boost Pipes have been developed using the latest technology including 3D Printed Prototypes, and extensive testing to ensure the highest quality fitment and performance is gained.

All MODE Design Performance products have been dyno tested with proven power gains. A proven increase in power and efficiency has been achieved on the N20, N26, N55, S55, B48 & B58 F Series and G Series platforms.

The MODE Design Performance Charge Pipes & Boost Pipes are argueably the highest quality and best value parts on the market to suit the M135i / M140i F20, M235i / M240i F20, 320i / 328i / 335i / 340i F30, 420i / 428i / 435i / 440i F32, 535i F10, 640i F13/F06 Platform BMW!


  • MODE Design Turbo Charge Pipe (Inc. Meth Bungs)
  • MODE Design Silicone hoses and Charge Pipe Fitting Kit


All colours listed in the variants are Genuine BMW Paints Colours, if you do not want a genuine BMW paint code please select "Custom Colour" and specify the colour you want in the checkout notes.

MODE Design Chargepipe Kits

  • Designed in Australia to suit Australian Conditions
  • 6061 CNC Alloy, High Quality Matte or Gloss Coating
  • Includes NEW Circlip
  • Includes NEW O-Ring
  • Includes Fitting Kit, Hoses & Clamps
  • Includes Meth Bungs on all suitable applications
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