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The Mack D, Connecticut's finest F80 M3.

The Mack D, Connecticut's finest F80 M3.

Macken literally hit us up in the DM's on insta back in 2019. It was right when he first picked up his F80 M3, bone stock.

To be honest we weren't sure exactly what he had planned for the car but he told us he was 100% certain he wanted our MODE Air+ Front Mounted Intake Kit.

Together we decided on the Mineral White Metallic (A96) finish to perfectly match the exterior and keep that really clean look Macken was after. We got to work, laid down the Glasurit Genuine BMW finish with custom black MODE logo and here's the result.

Macken has continued on with this build adding Air Lift Performance Air Suspension and a set of incredible  SSR Koenig 3-Piece Wheels measuring 20x10 and 20x11.

We've really enjoyed being part of the build and thank Macken for choosing MODE.

You can follow @m_dubbin on instagram to stay up to date with the build.

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