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We will Match or Beat any price on over 50 Brands! Hit us up in the chat box below!
We will Match or Beat any price on over 50 Brands! Hit us up in the chat box below!
Vio-LIT Touch MK7.5 R - A.k.a. @LL.11.TT

Vio-LIT Touch MK7.5 R - A.k.a. @LL.11.TT

We first met Josh ( on insta) back when he had his last Golf, a Lapiz Blue MK7 R with a bunch of MODE goodies on it.

This time he's back with his latest creation, arguably the most "🍆" emoji Golf on all of instagram. To celebrate the MK7 & MK7.5 generation VW Golf, VW Australia decided to give a special treatment to the last few, those of which are known as the 'Final Edition'. With this special option becoming accessible Josh was able to pick himself up a 2020 Golf R MK7.5 Final edition in Violet Touch Pearl, 1 of just 50 made Australia wide!

Josh told us that every time he drives the Violet Touch Purple Golf R it puts a smile on his face and others too, "you don’t see much purple VW Golfs on the road and it makes it so special."

If Josh is out and about it's not uncommon for people to ask about his unique Golf R, so here's a list of mods that he's done so far.  


  • Eventuri Carbon Fibre intake
  • Racingline 90deg Elbow
  • Racingline Oil catch can
  • Forge Turbo inlet hose 


  • Invidia R400 signature series valved catback


  • H&R Adjustable lowering springs
  • 034 Motorsport Upper & Lower dogbone insert 
  • SuperPro Rear sway bar 2 positions 24mm
  • 034Motorsport MQB Spherical Rear Sway Bar End Links


  • Volks Racing Rays G25
  • MODE Auto Concepts PlusTrack Wheel Spacers (Front 5mm & Rear 12.5mm)


  • Carbon Cartel Carbon fibre steering wheel and paddle shifters 


  • Genuine OSIR Carbon Fibre Rear spoiler
  • Genuine Oettinger Front Lip and Splitter
  • FLOW Designs Rear Diffuser and Rear Side

You can follow on instagram to stay up to date with the build.

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