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TREDWEAR Tracer Stripes

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Tracer Stripes


  • 2x Tracer Stripes (For 1x Tire)
  • 1x Patented Application Bonding Adhesive
NOTE: This kit does not include the lettering (Stripes Only)
    Create REAL White Letter Tires, NO Tire Paint Pen!

    Tredwear tire lettering kits have a real raised look to emulate the authentic raised white lettering on classic and race tires. Tredwear letters are made of real rubber that can be applied directly on top of your existing tires sidewall, regardless of textures underneath, the letters will stick right on top!


    • TREDWEAR will withstand the force of a high pressure washer!
    • Will last for the lifetime of your tires.
    • Tested up to 320km/h!
    • 1/16" Thick Real Rubber

    Additional information

    WEIGHT 0.453592 kg
    DIMENSIONS 11 x 9 x 1 in

    White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red

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